Meet the team

Dr David McLaughlan

Chief Medical Officer
Psychiatrist & former clinical lead of InMind health

Jo Barrow

Chief Marketing Officer
Senior commercial and marketing strategist (BuzzFeed, EX.CO, Advisable)

Essam Nabil

Chief Technology Officer
Former Head of tech and lead software engineer

Dr Ornah Levine-Dolberg

Former VP of Ostsuka pharmaceuticals, Teva pharmaceuticals & Gelnamrk pharmaceuticals

Dr Salman Razzaki

Former Product Lead at Babylon Health

Dr Emma Warnock

Senior fellow at University of Oxford & King’s college

Dr David Veale

Professor at King’s College

Dr Romayne Gad

Co-chair of Royal College of Pyschiatrists

Dr Ahmed Hankir

Senior Fellow & Visiting Professor, Psychiatrist and Public Speaker

About us

Our vision of the future

Therapeutic interventions delivered efficiently by AI

We hope to unleash the potential of artificial intelligence to support identification of mental health patterns and warning signs in individuals’ health events.

A world where we understand our emotions better

We still don't understand how anxious or stressful we are. That's why we envision a world where AI can help us understand our wellbeing.

A world where AI can help in saving lives

Each year, over 41 million people die from chronic conditions. We envision a world where AI can help in saving lives and improve quality of life.

A world where we can have access to medical services instantly

We envision a world where we don't have to wait for months to be admitted to see a doctor.