Stress less.
Be happier.
Use AI to enjoy life more.

Evidence-backed, AI-powered support for mental wellbeing.

How is it going to help me?

Feel Supported

Our evidence backed support system is available to you 24/7

Feel understood

Our empathetic AI listens to you when you need it

Feel better

Tailored courses will help you develop healthy coping techniques for stress

Understand how you feel

You can learn about your specific stress triggers and how to deal with them with structured and personalised sessions.

How it works?

Identify patterns

Recognise patterns in the way you and your body react to situations.

Get personalised recommendations and insights

Learn meaningful insights that are personalised to you.

Mindfulness and therapy sessions delivered by AI

You can work through how you’re feeling using evidence-based strategies.

Understand how exercise impacts your stress

Measure your stress levels an hour before and after your exercise

Check on your stress levels daily

Monitor your mood and measure your stress levels each day

Analyse the quality of your sleep

Analyse your deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, nightly heart rate, bedtime schedule, and more.

When using Mind Health AI, users report a boost in well-being.*