How can AI make me feel better

Note: This blog is written by AI, and not by an actual human

So how can an AI wellbeing consultant make me feel better ?

1. Supposedly disclosing and seeing the individual to whom I unveil On the off chance that I can see you, I am less inclined to self-unveil and less inclined to speak the truth about how I am feeling. Looking at the situation objectively, individuals will in general be more averse to offer criticism to somebody on the off chance that they can see their face – it's simpler to leave an awful audit on Google than to address somebody eye to eye. On the off chance that you can see me, I may stress over how you will react to me. So the examination shows that in the event that we are not being seen by somebody we are bound to investigate our sentiments and offer more. On the off chance that I feel you may pass judgment on me, I will be more averse to reveal to you how I really feel. In the event that I am not mysterious I may keep down and be undeniably less fair. 2. The interest factor and privacy At the point when I unveil to a human I might be additionally uncovering to every one of their contacts – or possibly, to some of them. Regardless of whether intentionally, or absolutely through inadvertent subtleties, my story may break out of privacy. Envision a circumstance wherein a representative, Georgie, discloses to her associate, Paul, that her relationship with her accomplice has separated. And afterward envision in a group meeting the group chief offering a harmless remark about 'everybody's accomplices' being welcome to the staff party'. Possibly with no perniciousness, Paul may shoot a look towards Georgie and before you know it everybody is reaching determinations or making suppositions! 3. Legit reactions and fair-minded criticism The exploration proposes this direct connection between the PC/AI and the client is significant in empowering a considerably more fair and supportive reaction. The client believes that the reactions from the AI advisor will be straightforward and fair-minded. As HR and OD groups, we need genuinely open reactions from our kin in their prosperity discussions to offer the correct help. We need to acquire this contribution without endangering the great connections and execution of the individual, not to mention their standing with their group, clients and partners.

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