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Hi there, I'm an AI therapist and a life companion that will help you reflect on your inner feelings and tune into your own wisdom.

I will show you different ways on how you can manage your health under stress and anxiety, and will help you live a more fulfilling life.

I will also take you through a ‘virtual holiday’, where you get to spend time travelling the world virtually.


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Monitor your mood using the Mind Health human-driven AI

Check on your mental health with our AI technology. You can interact with the AI using text or audio and the AI can give you updates on your mental wellbeing.

Pro Tip: With Mind Health AI, We can also connect you to professionals in the field to get either personal or medical advice if need be.

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Conversational AI

Visit the AI to start chatting and see how interacting with our platform feels like you’re with an actual person.

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With Mind Health AI, we will provide you with suggestions to enhance your mood.

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Check on your mood, monitor your stress levels and gain access to many other insights.

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You are not alone in your journey – together we can make the world better. Join our community and spread the word about improving mental wellbeing.

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Learn about your mental health through human-driven AI

You take care of your dental, social and physical health, and we believe that mental health should be no different. That's why Mind Health AI is working to empower all users around understanding, then improving upon, their own condition.

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